Accidents do not just happen...

and neither do seasoned personal injury lawyers.

Accidents do not just happen - they are caused by inattentive and careless individuals. Know your rights and protect your rights. Call NEWBY LAW OFFICE for an initial complimentary consultation.

Debra is a wonderful lawyer and she goes above and beyond. I won my case and now I can put it behind me and live my life. If it wasn't for Newby Law I might not be able to say that.”
Kimberly Aragon

Debra A. Newby is distinctively qualified to guide you through the complex maze of personal injury law. She has actively practiced law for over 30 years and intuitively understands how insurance companies operate. She has regulated them, worked for them, represented them and now fights for YOU in her long and successful legal career.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the process of settling your own claim? Are you aware of the multiple "mine-fields" in personal injury law, such as subrogation, the collateral source rule or comparative fault? Let's face it - you have enough on your mind with a damaged or totaled vehicle, doctor's appointments, and lost wages. NEWBY LAW OFFICE can minimize your confusion, anxiety, and understandable anger. We have mastered the secrets to guide you through an insurance claim settlement or a law suit. We work smartly and ethically to maximize your settlement or jury award.

The three most important things to remember are:

  1. BELIEVE in the amazing ability of your body and spirit to heal itself, but recognize that some injuries are permanent and you may never be "made whole" or play the violin again.
  2. TRUST in the skills and perseverance of Debra A. Newby, an experienced personal injury attorney
  3. KNOW that she will fight for everything that you deserve.

With her help, her clients have been able to:

  • Move onward with their lives, knowing that justice was served
  • Sleep well at night while she takes the weight off their shoulders
  • Receive more than money - they also receive closure

Whether you retain her legal services, three simple things you can do NOW are:

  1. Put a disposable camera in your glove box in case your recent tragedy repeats itself--memories fade and witnesses disappear (or use your cell phone camera to take pictures at the scene).
  2. Keep a journal of your symptoms, how you feel, your limitations, aches and pains...this will help her tell your story.
  3. Never admit you are not hurt as "soft tissue injury", such as whiplash or back sprain/strain may take up to 48-72 hours to appear after the collision.