5 Steps to Take after a Car Accident in Sonoma County

It can be difficult to make the right choices on your next steps after a car accident on the road in Sonoma County. But by learning about the right steps beforehand, you can ensure you are in the ideal position to protect your rights in the coming months. Our Newby Law Office car accident attorney in Sonoma County has experience in personal injury law, and in this latest post, we’ll look at the steps to take after a car accident.

Exchange insurance information

The first step in the process is to speak with the other driver and exchange insurance information. Get the driver’s name and their phone number in case you have questions later. Having this information now will help you in processing the claim.

Call the police

If the accident involves an injury or the damage to your vehicles is significant enough that it has impacted other drivers and the road around you, you should contact the police. The police will make a report listing the specifics of the accident and detailing any injuries that occurred as a result of each driver’s actions.

Check for pains

This is the time you’re most likely to start feeling some pain, a few minutes after the accident. Make sure that you check yourself for injuries by stretching and moving joints and seek medical treatment if required.

Gather witnesses

The police may help you with this process, but if you’re in a populated area during the accident, you may be able to gather witnesses and get corroborating statements regarding the specifics of the accident.

Call an accident attorney in Sonoma County

If you have been injured in the accident, it’s important that you begin your claim for compensation by contacting a local car accident attorney in Sonoma County. The attorney can guide you on any further steps that might help your case and protect you in securing your compensation. Make sure the Sonoma County attorney is highly qualified and has the local experience to meet your needs under California law.

Our team at Newby Law Office can help guide you in taking the right steps to protect your rights to compensation in Sonoma County after a car accident. To learn more about your options, call us today.