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Debra A. Newby is distinctively qualified to guide you through the complex maze of personal injury law. She has actively practiced law for over 35 years and intuitively understands how insurance companies operate. She has regulated them, worked for them, represented them and now fights for YOU in her long and successful legal career.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the process of settling your own claim? Are you aware of the multiple “minefields” in personal injury law, such as subrogation, the collateral source rule or comparative fault? Let’s face it – you have enough on your mind with a damaged or totaled vehicle, doctor’s appointments, and lost wages. NEWBY LAW OFFICE can minimize your confusion, anxiety, and understandable anger. We have mastered the secrets to guide you through an insurance claim settlement or a lawsuit. We work smartly and ethically to maximize your settlement or jury award.

Newby Law Office offers a complimentary initial consultation for personal injury and expungement issues.

Client Review
“I experienced your uniquely amazing combination of thoughtful analysis, compelling courtroom presentation, and patient handling of my often impetuous outlooks. All in all, Debra, a memorable exposure to the best that a lawyer can be.” — David H.

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Samples of Past Clients’ Cases
  • 28-year-old pregnant woman who was involved in two automobile accidents within six months of each other (T-boned and rear-ended). Issues arose as to which collision caused injuries. Case settled before trial.
  • Family of three who suffered carbon-monoxide poisoning due to faulty water heater in leased apartment complex. Case resolved in Mediation and college fund set up for minor child.
  • Two college students (boyfriend and girlfriend) who were passengers and killed in a one-car accident. Case settled for policy limits and college/memorial fund established in their name.
  • Bicyclist who crashed on an unmarked speed bump and broke his clavicle and three ribs. Case settled in Mediation.
  • Pedestrian who was struck in an unmarked crosswalk. Case settled for $1 million.
  • Business owner who suffered “soft-tissue” injury to his wrist when a French door fell on him at Home Depot. Case settled in Mediation.
  • 42-year-old woman who broke her ankle when falling down an unlighted stairway. Case settled on courthouse steps.
  • 26-year-old whose nose was “nipped” from a dog-bite. Case settled for $75,000. (Nose healed)

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