Ask an Injury Lawyer in Sonoma County: What Happens If I’m Hit by an Uninsured Driver

There are many thousands of car accidents in the United States each year, and some of these accidents involved uninsured drivers. While it’s against the law to drive without insurance, many still take this risk. But what are your options if you’re hit by an uninsured driver? It’s important you speak to an injury lawyer in Sonoma County. Our team can guide you in this latest post.

You can file an uninsured motorist claim

All insurance companies are required to allow their claimants to file an uninsured motorist claim after an accident. While the insurance company must respond to your claim, they may only provide you with the smallest possible payout to cover the damages to your vehicle.

Seek legal advice immediately

While you may get a small payout from your insurance company, you won’t get a payout for the punitive damages that you might through the legal system. You might not also get a payout for any amount of time that you have to miss work as a result of your injuries. It’s important that you work with your injury lawyer in Sonoma County to file a claim if you’re hit by an uninsured driver.

Here’s how a lawyer can help

When speaking with a lawyer, they can help you to:

  • Locate the individual responsible

A lawyer has a number of means to help find the individual responsible for the incident. They can speak with law enforcement authorities and get witness testimonies.

  • Communicate with insurance

The lawyer can help file further claims through your insurance company, ensuring you receive the maximum payout for your policy.

  • Represent you in a court case

If the other party decides to take the damages case to trial, your lawyer can build the evidence against them and then represent your claim in court. This process can help ensure you receive the maximum available payout for your claim.

Our team at Newby Law Office is here to guide you in responding to a claim against an uninsured driver. To speak with a leading injury lawyer in Sonoma County today, call us for a consultation.