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What Happens When You Make an Injury Claim After an Auto Accident

If you’ve recently been in an auto accident, whether involving a car or a motorcycle, it can be a difficult situation.  To make matters worse, your ability to get compensation will be directly affected by your choices in the hours and days after the accident.  That’s why it’s vital to call an auto accident attorney in Santa Rosa just as soon as you’re physically able.  They can help ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible.

While every case is different, and you always need a direct consultation with an auto accident attorney in Santa Rosa to know exactly where you stand, here is a general overview of the process.

How an Auto Accident Injury Claim Works

1 – You get medical treatment if you haven’t already.

Medical diagnoses, along with bills for medical services, are a must for establishing damages in any sort of automobile accident. So, even if you don’t have a serious injury, you still need to go see a doctor. If you don’t have a doctor or lack insurance, we can refer you to clinics that can help you.

2 – You get documentation of your condition.

A copy of all paperwork you get from various medical providers, insurance companies, and so forth, should be forwarded to us for analysis.  We will monitor your progress and start preparing a settlement claim.  However, this part cannot proceed too quickly – we need to see how you’re coming along and know whether there will be a long-term impact on your life.   Then we can determine a settlement amount.

3 – We contact the insurance companies.

Once we have sufficient evidence, we’ll contact the insurance companies involved and start talking settlement. This is important: Do not speak to insurance representatives directly. That’s our job.  They are looking for you to say things that can be used against you later, so don’t help them.

4 – We attempt to settle.

We will do everything we can to show the insurance company that it’s in their best interests to settle, and pay you an appropriate amount for damages, pain, suffering, and any ongoing medical problems. If they refuse to settle, that’s when we start talking about filing suit.

Debra A. Newby – An Experienced Auto Accident Attorney in Santa Rosa

We will fight to see you get every dollar you deserve.  If you’ve been in an accident, contact us immediately for a consultation.