Bicycle Accidents


Bicycle injuries are painful.  Broken collarbones.  Cracked ribs.  We first must prove that the other party, whether it be an inattentive driver or the keeper of a hazardous condition or obstacle, was negligent or at fault—ideally 100% at fault.  This can get tricky as sometimes the bicyclist is wrongfully presumed to be at fault.  Under California Vehicle Code 21200, bicyclists enjoy the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicle drivers.

Newby Law Office offers a “bike-friendly” and knowledgeable environment.  Debra A. Newby served as Pro Bono Counsel of The Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition for several years, volunteering her well-honed legal skills to help develop new policies and laws that protect bicyclists.  She has been a member of The Sonoma County Bicycle Coalition for over a decade.  One of her passions is to ride her bicycle on the back roads of West Sonoma County.

Check out this article “New Bike Law” written by Debra Newby and published in The Sonoma County Gazette.

Friendly Tips for Bicyclists
  • If possible, wear a camera on your helmet (or keep your cell phone handy) so you can record and document any collisions via video or pictures.
  • Never admit at the scene that you are not injured.  You are likely in shock and your adrenaline is pumping.  Some soft-tissue injuries may take 24-72 hours to appear.
  • Although California passed a “three-foot rule” (California Vehicle Code section 21760) requiring motor vehicles to safely pass bicyclists from behind with a three-foot buffer, it is difficult to recreate and measure this distance in the heated moment of a horrific collision.  Try to mark on the pavement your line of travel and the motor vehicle’s if the motor vehicle passed you from behind (and take pictures if possible).

Client Review
Some time ago I was riding my bicycle and was struck by an inattentive driver. The resulting injuries resulted in nearly two years of medical treatments, tests, consultations and finally reconstructive surgery.  I had hoped to settle my claim by employing on-line self-help web sites, but realized I needed professional help.  Ms. Newby is well versed in personal injury law, treated me with respect and understanding, and was completely thorough in exploring all legal options available to me for settling my claim.  I would highly recommend her if you have suffered a personal injury and are seeking compensation. — William S.

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