Dog Bites


Newby Law Office has handled dozens of dog bite cases, all to a successful conclusion for their clients.  Sometimes man’s best friend can transform into an innocent bystander’s worst enemy.  Dog bites are horrific.  Tragic.  Frightening.  Sadly, permanent scarring, both physical and mental, is common.  In extreme cases, death can prevail.

If you have been bitten by a dog, you need to know that California is considered a “strict liability” state, pursuant to California Code section 3342.  Legal Translation:  The dog owner is responsible for your injuries.  No debates.  No excuses.  Now, certain “defenses” may be available to the dog owner if the victim is trespassing, is provoking the dog, or if the victim works in a “dog-friendly” profession, such as a veterinarian, dog walker, pet groomer, paid pet sitter, etc.

Client Review
“As an experienced negotiator and dog bite victim, I found Debra to be professional and straight to the point.  She is smart and thoughtful, dealing professionally with the frequent communications and updates.  There were no surprises because information was transparent.“  — Anne F.

Typically, a claim is filed under the homeowner insurance policy of the dog owner.  Other revenue sources may be available if the dog owner does not own a home.  It takes an experienced personal injury lawyer like Debra A. Newby to help you maneuver through the complexities of a dog bite injury.  Let Debra A. Newby be your champion in dealing with the relevant animal control office, the dog owner, and the dog owner’s insurance company.

Tips if You Have Been Bitten by a Dog
  • Seek medical attention promptly.
  • Report the bite to your local Animal Control Office.
  • Take pictures of your injuries, ideally on a daily basis.
  • DO NOT talk to the dog owner or the dog owner’s insurance company without first consulting with an experienced attorney like Debra A. Newby.

You’ve been traumatized enough without worrying about all the necessary details as your recovery continues.  Check out this article “Leash Laws in Sonoma County” written by Debra Newby and published in The Sonoma County Gazette.

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