How an Injury Lawyer in Santa Rosa Can Help You

Work with an Injury Lawyer in Santa Rosa on Your Case

You might be one of the many of people in the region who are due compensation as a result of a recent injury. If you have been injured recently, you may require the services of an injury lawyer in Santa Rosa who can help you to receive the compensation you need for a full recovery. Newby Law Office has experience with injury cases, and we’ll explain more about the importance of speaking with an injury lawyer in Santa Rosa to resolve your case.

Working with Your Insurance

Your injury lawyer in Santa Rosa can work with your insurance company to make sure they have a record of the claim and to begin assessing the possible documentation options. Even an out of context statement to your insurance could reduce your compensation, so it is vital to work with a qualified injury attorney who understands this process.

Proving Liability

It will be the role of your lawyer to prove the liability of the opposing party in the case. As part of this process, they will speak with witnesses to get testimony. They will coordinate the claim with others involved in the case and will begin to build up evidence. For example, they might take photos and create reports documenting findings from their investigation work.

Reviewing the Laws

One of the challenges many face is that they do not have a clear understanding of the law and about liability issues. When they make a claim regarding their case, they may not have a comprehensive knowledge of these laws. Working with an injury lawyer in Santa Rosa can give your case the legal grounding required to move forward successfully.

Newby Law Office Can Help

We want to help you get the compensation you deserve from your personal injury case. To speak to Debra A. Newby about your case, contact us today!