How to Get Compensation with an Injury Lawyer in Sonoma County

How to Achieve Maximum Compensation when Working with a Personal Injury Lawyer in Sonoma County

When you experience an injury due to the negligence of others, you have the right to file a personal injury claim. But only by working with a trusted personal injury lawyer in Sonoma County can you ensure the right result from your case. In their latest post, the team at Newby Law Office explains the steps to achieve maximum compensation from your personal injury case.

Preserve evidence

Perhaps the most important step you can take is to preserve all evidence from your case. Take photos of the accident scene and speak to corroborating witnesses. If there was a police report filed you should get a copy for your records.

Document medical treatment

When undergoing medical treatment for your injuries, make sure that all treatment is documented and filed with your personal injury lawyer in Sonoma County. The documentation can help significantly enhance your chances of receiving a high compensation payment.

Don’t accept the first offer

Many clients find they are eager to accept the first offer of compensation they receive. But this is often just an amount to test the waters. Make sure you consult with your personal injury lawyer in Sonoma County before accepting the offer. Usually, you can expect a secondary offer to arrive shortly.

Explain the lack of value in the offer

By working alongside your lawyer, you can explain to the opposing party and their insurance company why their offer lacks value. It might be that the offer doesn’t cover treatment, or that it doesn’t compensate for the loss of income.

Stay off social media

Social media is already having a significant impact on ongoing personal injury cases across the country. Even if your case is legitimate, you might face the prospect of losing if you post any pictures or videos online after the incident. It’s often best simply to stay off social media while your personal injury case is being settled.

Newby Law Office can help guide you in achieving your ideal level of compensation from your personal injury case. To discover more about your options, book a consultation with us today.