Learn How to Avoid Accidents in Unfamiliar Places

Driving in an unfamiliar place can be a daunting and fearful experience to many. You may not have great cell phone coverage, and there may not be many landmarks to tell you where you should turn. You may find yourself straining hard to read rather small and tiny road signs and mailbox numbers to find your destination. To add to your frustration, you may find drivers who are familiar with the roads honking at you for driving slow! This makes the perfect recipe for an unprecedented accident. Today, we present to you, a list of tips recommended by a reputable car accident injury attorney in Santa Rosa that can help you avoid accidents while driving in unfamiliar places.

Keep Your Gas Tank Full – You are bound to know the location of nearby gas stations in your neighborhood. However, when driving in a new area, it is unlikely for you to know where the closest gas station is located. This is why it is prudent that you keep your gas tank full at all times instead of waiting for your gas gauge to lean toward ‘E’. As soon as your gauge shows a quarter tank, make way to the nearest gas station to fuel up.

Use a GPS diligently – GPS is an incredible tool, and one of man’s best inventions. It can help us navigate from one place to another, especially in a new county or state. However, blindly following the GPS can result in dangerous accidents. Ensure not to make adjustments while driving or to keep your gaze fixed on the GPS instead of the road while you are driving, as driver distraction can cause accidents. You may rely on a fellow passenger riding with you to help you navigate the streets of a new state. You could also take a few minutes to study your route before you set out to a specific location, so that you know where you are headed. This comes in handy in rural places where you may lose signal for your GPS to guide you.

Never Drink and Drive – Most often, people visiting an unfamiliar place are doing so because they are on a vacation. This could mean you may have enjoyed a couple of cocktails, beers, or wine. While this certainly makes way for a great romantic dinner or get-together, when you combine alcohol and unfamiliar surroundings, you increase the risk of getting into an accident if you decide to drive. If you do choose to drink while visiting a new place, rely upon ride share, public transportation, or a taxi service to your destination.

These are three basic tips to bear in mind when driving in an unfamiliar place that you have never been to before. If you find yourself in an accident despite being cautious, you can rely on the services of a reputable car accident injury attorney in Santa Rosa to help you get the rightful compensation. Contact Debra A. Newby Law Offices at 707-303-5062 for expert counsel today!