Motorcycle Accidents


Riding a motorcycle requires quick reflexes and an intuitive sense of space and time.  Other drivers may not be as skilled as a motorcycle rider.  Some drivers even harbor a bias toward motorcycle riders.

With freedom comes danger.  Motorcycle riders are 27 times more likely to die in an accident and 6 times more likely to be injured, according to a 2014 NHTSA report.

If you have been injured while riding your motorcycle, we must first prove that another party was at fault to have a reliable personal injury claim.  Make sure you are following the law.  If you are on a motorcycle or motorized bike, you must wear a helmet that complies with federal motor safety standards (California Vehicle Code sections 27802 and 27803).

California is unique in that “lane-splitting” is legal (California Vehicle Code section 27803(a)). The DMV has issued safety guidelines for lane splitting, for example:  1) the motorcyclists should travel no more than 10 mph faster than other traffic when lane-splitting; 2) It is not advisable to lane split when traffic flow is 30 mph or faster; and 3) It is safer to split between the #1 and #2 lanes (furthest left lanes).

Client Review
“Debra reminded me of my parents—old school, no BS, fierce and compassionate.  She was great.  She represents you with her whole heart and all her expertise.  She’s client-oriented and brings dignity to her profession. I was lucky to have found her when I got injured on my motorcycle.” — Misti H.

Although Debra does not ride motorcycles any longer, she rode in her 20s until she fractured both thumbs in a crash. The sense of freedom and power driving a motorcycle will always be with her, though.  Let her transform that power into fighting for you to make sure you are compensated for lost wages, medical bills, and pain and suffering.

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