Personal Injury Attorney in Santa Rosa Debunks Common Myths About Injury Law

Any personal injury attorney in Santa Rosa can tell you that there is a lot of misinformation about personal injury law.  Between inaccuracies in TV shows and flat-out nonsense being spread online, it’s all too common for us to have clients come in with a lot of wrong ideas about how personal injury laws work.

So, in this article, our team at Newby Law quickly dispels some of the most common of these myths.

Five Common Myths About Personal Injury Law You Shouldn’t Believe 

MYTH #1 – Personal injury claims turn into high-stakes court cases

While it’s always a possibility that a personal injury claim will go to trial, the plain truth is that the majority of them are settled out-of-court.  And that’s a good thing!  Court battles are expensive.  Settling early and out-of-court often means a better net payout.

MYTH #2 – A lawyer can tell you exactly how much money you’ll receive 

Personal injury claims are always subject to some level of negotiation.  A personal injury attorney in Santa Rosa can often give you a ballpark estimate of the payout you might get, but nothing’s guaranteed until the judge has signed off on it.

MYTH #3 – You need to pay your lawyer up-front

Not at all!  Injury victims often don’t have a lot of money in their pockets, particularly if they’re already paying for medical treatment or prescriptions.  Personal injury lawyers almost always take their payment from the amount awarded, rather than demanding up-front payment.

MYTH #4 – Personal injury attorneys are “ambulance chasers”

This is an unfortunate stereotype that’s simply not true.  In fact, most states have laws on the books preventing injury lawyers from directly contacting accident victims.  You have to come to us; we can’t solicit you.

MYTH #5 – Personal injury cases take a long time to complete

This mostly depends on your definition of “a long time,” but it’s usually not as long as our clients seem to think.  A typical case is resolved within 8-12 months.  It might be longer if the case goes to trial but, again, that’s actually very rare!

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