Debra is a wonderful lawyer and she goes above and beyond. I won my case and now I can put it behind me and live my life. If it wasn’t for Newby Law I might not be able to say that.

Kimberly A., Santa Rosa, CA

I experienced your uniquely amazing combination of thoughtful analysis, compelling courtroom presentation, and patient handling of my often impetuous outlooks. All in all, Debra, a memorable exposure to the best that a lawyer can be.

David H., Santa Rosa, CA

Ms. Newby did an excellent job. She went above and beyond our expectations. She was straightforward, friendly, helpful, and provided a step-by-step procedure.

Edith H., Santa Rosa, CA

I would advise getting to the phone immediately to call Ms. Newby for a consultation. You will find her trustworthy, competent, smart, fast, organized, one step ahead of the action, and a brilliant legal strategist. When you are meeting with her, you’ve got her full attention. You know that she’s going to do her best for you.

Elaine K., Santa Rosa, CA

Don’t let that sweet Southern impression fool you into thinking she can’t play with the big boys! Debra is as tough as they come when needed, but always fair and respectful. She will gently guide you through what may be one of the worst experiences you will ever have. Debra went above and beyond what should be expected of any lawyer when I was hit while walking my dog.

Tracy L., Santa Rosa, CA

Some time ago I was riding my bicycle and was struck by an inattentive driver. The resulting injuries resulted in nearly two years of medical treatments, tests, consultations and finally reconstructive surgery. I had hoped to settle my claim by employing on-line self-help web sites, but realized I needed professional help. Ms. Newby is well versed in personal injury law, treated me with respect and understanding, and was completely thorough in exploring all legal options available to me for settling my claim. I would highly recommend her if you have suffered a personal injury and are seeking compensation.

William S., Santa Rosa, CA

Debra reminded me of my parents—old school, no BS, fierce and compassionate. She was great. She represents you with her whole heart and all her expertise. She’s client-oriented and brings dignity to her profession.

Misti H., Santa Rosa, CA

My errand to Home Depot turned out to be a nightmare. My eye was severely injured to no fault of my own. Debra was very understanding and caring. She did everything she said she would do, plus more.

Lois F., Santa Rosa, CA

As an experienced negotiator and dog bite victim, I found Debra to be professional and straight to the point. She is smart and thoughtful, dealing professionally with the frequent communications and updates. There were no surprises because information was transparent.

Anne F., Santa Rosa, CA