Tips for Using Social Media by a Santa Rosa Personal Injury Attorney

Discover the Latest Tips for Using Social Media by a Santa Rosa Personal Attorney

Your Santa Rosa personal injury attorney can guide you on the steps to take to ensure success in your case. One of the leading causes of challenges to personal injury cases is social media. In this latest post, we’ll explain how to effectively use social media while securing success in your case.

Only communicate with family members and close friends

If you have to use social media during your case, make sure that you only communicate with family members and close personal friends. Any other person on social media could be looking to find out information about your case. The attorney for the other party could be completing research on you. Any information they find through social media will be used against you if it’s found incriminating to your case for damages.

Don’t post videos and pictures

As an attorney, we’ve noticed that one of the most common reasons Santa Rosa personal injury clients fail in their case for personal injury compensation is that they post videos and pictures that show them taking part in physical activities after the event took place. While this might have been a one-off and it doesn’t directly relate to your injury, the image of the person competing in the activity will show the judge in the case they have some level of physical capacity, and this can limit the chances of compensation being awarded.

Take care when creating posts

While you can still communicate with loved ones on social media, take care with what you post and how you choose to convey information about yourself. You might consider setting your accounts to “private” so that only those who are known to you can see the information. Try to also consider your emotions when creating social media posts. Don’t post comments in anger or frustration, and don’t direct your comments at a person that could cause a backlash online. Speak with your Santa Rosa personal injury attorney about this before you post online.

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It’s important that you take care in how you communicate through social media during your personal injury case. Our team at Newby Law Office can help you during this phase. To discover more about the topic, call us today.