When to Hire an Attorney After a Car Accident?

You may have heard or seen adverts that urge you to call an attorney if you have been in an auto accident, and to not wait unless you wish to forgo your right to sue. However, these ads seldom tell you specifically under what circumstances should you do so, and how much time do you really have before you should call a car accident injury attorney Santa Rosa. Today, we shed light on how soon you should call in an attorney, and whether at all you really need one.

Unless you or the other party involved in the accident was injured, you probably will not need an attorney to handle your car insurance claims. Similarly, minor injuries that do not inhibit day-to-day activities, or injuries you think will heal in a week or two, may not warrant the need to hire a car accident injury attorney. In such cases, your insurance company will gladly take you through the entire process – right from medical bills, car repairs, and other financial issues. Your insurance company’s representatives will walk shoulder to shoulder with you on the process, answer any questions you may have, and help you solve problems while processing the claim.

On the contrary, if you have sustained grievous injuries, it is imperative that you seek the counsel of an experienced car accident injury attorney in Santa Rosa. Call an auto accident attorney when:

  • Your insurance company has failed to process your claim, and is unwilling to reconsider.
  • You believe that the settlement offered to you is way too low.
  • You are moderately injured, but your injuries have caused you residual disability, which will incur medical bills in the future.
  • You are grievously injured, and have paid a significant amount towards medical bills without or with residual disability.
  • If there was a minor in your vehicle who sustained more than a few scratches and bruises.
  • Liability is being disputed by the other party, and you strongly believe that you aren’t responsible for the accident.
  • It has been nearly a year since you were in an accident, but you aren’t anywhere close to getting a settlement.
  • When you aren’t aware of the rules and statute of limitations for claims in your state.
  • The other party involved has served you with a lawsuit.
  • The circumstances surrounding your accident aren’t straightforward, and you believe will need expert investigation.
  • There are extenuating circumstances, which could help you receive better compensation, and/or you do not know how exactly to prove your loss.

If you were in an accident that wasn’t straightforward, or the other party is refusing to cooperate, it is in your best benefit to consult with an attorney before you speak to an insurance adjuster. Contact Debra A. Newby Law Offices – the best car accident injury attorney Santa Rosa. Our expert attorneys have years of experience in handling the most complex cases and will help you get the rightful compensation you deserve.